The Copperheads Motorcycle Club (CMC) is a fraternal organization whose conception is born out of an individual's inherent quest for justice that is intrinsically ground in the recognition of a higher power which is confirmed through one's actions, career, profession or service.


The Copperheads Motorcycle Club is formed as a Public Safety Motorcycle Club for recreational and other non-profit purposes. The singular focus of the Copperheads Motorcycle is to support and assist all Law Enforcement, Military, Public Safety, and their families during times of need. It is this resolve and the strength of mind that has helped develop and strengthened the Clubs brotherhood through a fraternal bond.

Motorcycle safety for all members of the Copperheads Motorcycle Club is at the forefront of all of our activities and as a requirement commands regular ongoing practice, training and vigilance are prescribed herein in order to maintain a level of safety, precision and exactness that can only be achieved through constant attention. Riding is our passion.


Copperheads M/C Membership is restricted to the following:

1. Active or Retired Male Public Servants: Law Enforcement Officers, Correctional Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, & EMT's.

2. Current and Former Military members. Bailiffs, Probation Officers, and other Court Officers.

3. Attorneys, including Judges, Magistrates, and Prosecutors.

*All Copperheads M/C Members must possess a Valid Motorcycle Operators License.

To inquire joining the Copperheads M/C, or any questions, please contact us


Our Colors


Top Rocker- club name

Bottom Rocker- representing our home state

Copper-orange: represents the copper badges of law enforcement originally used

Skull: represents all of the fallen who we remember each day and a constant reminder of our willingness to sacrifice our lives for our duty and eachother

Badge: represents the common bond of our chosen profession

Blue Lines: represents the thin blue line we all stand between order and chaos

Snake: draws inspiration from the Gadsden Flag carrying the motto "Don't Tread on Me" displaying our patriotism and our willingness to defend 

Pistols: representing the tools of our trade 

LE/MC patch- denoting us as a law enforcement organization